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Weekly Torah Study

Weekly Torah Study

Weekly Study @ Chabad...

Tuesdays - Weekly Torah Portion

7:30pm - men & women - Led by Rabbi Raleigh Resnick

Study and plunge into the depths of our faith. Based upon the weekly Torah portion and approaching holidays, these classes focus on basic and fundamental Jewish concepts as they relate to our daily lives

Thursdays - Kabbalah

9:00am - men & women - Led by Rabbi Raleigh Resnick

Become familiar with and understand the basic tenants, questions, and themes woven within the tapestry of kabbalah. The Ten Sefirot: the building blocks of creation, tzimtzum: why don’t I see or sense G‑d?, the 'Four Worlds': experiencing deeper dimension of reality - the kabbalah of dreams, 'Lights & Vessels': do we judge reality by its facade or by its essence?