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Jewish Women's Circle

Jewish Women's Circle



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2017-18 Calendar of Events -  CLICK HERE

Upcoming Women's Circle


Tuesday, September 12 @ 7:30pm

Design an exquisite Rosh Hashanah honey dish and enjoy a honey-flavored buffet.

Discussion Topic: Learn the kabbalistic secret behind the sin of Adam and Eve and how it empowers us to begin our new year


$18 Suggested Donation  /  $180 - Sponsor

Annual Sponsorship: $1080


Videos & Pictures:

"Miracles" - CLICK HERE   /   "Trials and Triumphs" - CLICK HERE   /   "Mitzvahs in the Tri Valley" - CLICK HERE

"A Trip Down Memory Lane" -  CLICK HERE   /    2005-2012 Women's Circle Photos - CLICK HERE

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The Jewish Women's Circle provides an opportunity for Jewish women to meet new friends, socialize, and truly discover the power of the Jewish Woman.

Through innovative workshops, lectures, & creative activities, we explore contemporary Jewish issues & discuss topics that lie at the bedrock of our faith.

Feed your mind ... Nourish your soul ... Delight your senses