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The Rosh Chodesh Society

The Rosh Chodesh Society


The Rosh Chodesh Society

The Rosh Chodesh Society is a sisterhood dedicated to inspiring and empowering Jewish women through monthly cultural learning experiences.

"The Kabbalistic Journey in Personal Development"


7 monthly classes on Wednesdays at 7:30pm

$90 for the entire course (7 classes) or $15 per class 


Lesson #1 - Wednesday, October 18


Inner feelings vs. external actions - are they in sync? Can we achieve true harmony and emotional precision or are we destined to live with hypocrisy and self-delusion? The Kabbalah offers a third possibility.

Lesson #2 - Wednesday, November 15


A prisoner may feel free while someone with prosperity and luxury may feel imprisoned. If freedom isn't determined by our conditions, what ingredients liberate our spirits and allow them to soar free?

Lesson #3 - Wednesday, January 10


Classical Judaism and morality talk of the gravity of venting anger, Mental health specialists talk of the toxicity of suppressing anger and letting in fester, The Kabbalah offer us a solution.