Kabbalah 101: A 3-Part Course

An Introduction to Kabbalah 

You've always wanted to know ... Now you can ... No Experience Necessary


OCT. 24, OCT. 31, & NOV. 7 AT 7:30 PM 


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Class #1 - Who, What, Why, When, and Where?

Our introductory class will explain how and where kabbalah fits into Judaism and the Torah. We will take a brief journey from the Prophet Ezekiel to the Baal Shem Tov and the scientific revolution.


Class #2 - The Fundamentals of Kabbalah

Become familiar with and understand the basic tenants, questions, and themes woven within the tapestry of kabbalah: 10 Sefirot, 4 'Worlds, 'Lights' & Vessels, etc.


Class #3 - The Kabbalah of Men & Women:

Kabbalah sees creation and life in terms masculine and feminine energies. This final class will analyze these two energies and explain their role in our relationships.